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The T-59x, T-69x, and T-79x, are all older model tanks based on the Soviet T-54/55 series.Unlike the Soviets, who stuck with the ornagiil 100 mm D-10 gun, the Chinese adapted a British gun, the Vickers-Armstrong L-7 series of 105 mm tank guns.This has created something of a logistical problem for the Chinese armored corps - that of having 2 dissimilar tank guns with different spare parts and ammunition.In training and sighting too, the older Soviet-type gun uses a simple panoramic telescope (pantel) and rangefinder whereas the L7 would have a much better computer-aided, fire-control system, altogether a more formidable opponent.This would make it difficult for the up-gunned models to serve in the same units as the basic models.Overall, all these tanks are still obsolete although useful.The low production and inventory of the T-69x and T-79x makes it even more difficult to service and maintain these units.

[5] Ni9mXW6oLw - 21.12.2014 10:25 - odpovedať
I agree that in comparison to other gyms, the YMCA is hgehir. But, I've found that unlike other gyms they have more programs for families. i.e. kids basketball, flag football, swimming programs, summer camps. They also are more community oriented in the respect that if you want to use their facilities for some type of gathering, they'll usually let you. Most other gyms are just that gyms. If you have a family, you can really get your moneys worth, if you are just looking to workout, it might be better to join another gym. In all honesty, it boils down to personal preference.

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