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[1] občan - 28.06.2013 00:10 - odpovedať
prosím vás, dajte to vyhodnotenie toho rozpočtu už kdesi do p..... , už to tu visí od vlaňajšieho decembra. Nič zaujímavejšie tam vy chválenkári nemáte?

[2] obcan - 09.07.2013 21:55 - odpovedať
mozno nemaju nic, cim by sa chvalili

[3] primator - 09.07.2013 22:41 - odpovedať
Vyhodnotenie rozpoctu za r.2012 je ku koncu roka 2012 s tym,ze uctovne spracovanie(predbezné,neauditovane) bolo spracovane do cca 15.januara 2013.tak ako to obcan tu mohlo byt komplexne od decembra by sme museli byt jasnovidci.audit bol spracovany v 05/2013 a predlozeny s auditovanymi vysledkami hospodarenia na poslednom zastupitelstve v mesiaci 06/2013.nechvalime sa,konstatujeme dokazatelne fakty.audit potvrdil z januara zverejnene predbezne vysledky hospodarenia.v následujících tyzdnoch a mesiacoch po chodniku na cintorine v iliavke pojdeme do realizacie detských ihrisk,preliezok vo vsetkych mestských castiach ilavy a v klobusiciach.zacneme sihotou.
S podakovanim za vase prispevky,komentáre.

[4] links - 20.01.2014 11:20 - odpovedať

[5] - 20.01.2014 20:06 - odpovedať
The BPF pointed out that buyers and sellers of leasehold properties have experienced added complications and expensive delays because of differing information requirements from both the buyer's and seller's conveyancers meaning the landlord or managing agent has to deal with a different set of enquiries every time a leasehold property is sold.
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[6] - 21.01.2014 09:22 - odpovedať
The SAR is recursively calculated in this manner for each new period. There are, however, two special cases that will modify the SAR value:
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[7] - 21.01.2014 15:53 - odpovedať
Board of Trustees held on November 4, 2013. This Ordinance shall become effective seven (7) days after publication. A complete copy of the Ordinance is available for public use and inspection at the office of the Township Clerk.
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[8] - 23.01.2014 05:31 - odpovedať
2011 Verlander, Det 251.0 24-5 57 250 0 2.40
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[9] - 23.01.2014 12:50 - odpovedať
que je sois bon avec l'OM et on verra". André-Pierre Gignac revit. c'est qu'ils me suivent,Une journée a savourer sans modération,ur de ce rendez-vous du mieux-vivre et du mieux-etre? explique Magali Soubiroux pour l'office de tourismeQuatre themesMédecine douce détente alimentation et activités sportives voici les quatre themes abordés au cours de cette journée dans la salle d'accueil a travers des séances de découverte et des démonstrations de réflexologie plantaire de techniques de soins d'Asie d'aromathérapie évolutive de réflexologie et d'art traditionnel indien de reiki et de soins énergétiques de réflexologie globale du dos de réflexologie podale de morphothérapie et d'épilation sans douleurDans le parc thermal les visiteurs pourront s'initier au ta chi chuan au yoga au qi gong a la zumba et participer a des ateliers permettant d'apprendre a faire soi-meme ses huiles de macération solaire et ses huiles de massage et de s'initier a la sophrologie et a la relaxationTrois conférencesManger mieux pour vivre mieux, cité mercredi par la presse. Agé de 78 ans,tre de son temps,D'une élection l'autre a l'Assemblée et dans les rangs ministériels.
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[10] - 23.01.2014 17:55 - odpovedať
According to Riley, it's also important to keep in mind, especially if you plan to apply for any type of loan in the near future, that opening a new credit account will negatively affect your credit score for the short term.
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[11] - 24.01.2014 17:04 - odpovedať
"It is also a retrograde step in the development of the law relating to the fundamental liberties of religious minorities in this country," Mr Andrew said.
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[12] - 11.02.2014 07:36 - odpovedať
Anyway, it mattered not a jot. The MacMillanesses were well and truly smitten, Danielle de Niese is pictured in a Vivienne Westwood creation on the cover of her new CD, the Glaswegian fledgling soprano has a new VW necklace with lots of skulls on it and MacMillan p??re is even more baffled than ever.Doma was doomed the moment the argument became fiscal, don't you think? today, the Defence of Marriage Act has been ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court:

[13] - 11.02.2014 12:47 - odpovedať
At the time multiple analysts were either fired or disciplines.
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[14] - 11.02.2014 15:06 - odpovedať
Cablevision came out swinging, filing a lawsuit yesterday in a New York court, alleging that Verizon was using old Federal Communications Commission data to bash its Internet service in its Fios commercials. The two have been tussling fiercely ever since Verizon introduced Fios to the New York area, in a direct assault on Cablevision's market. Despite the newer service, Cablevision has been able to hold its own against the new entrant.
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[15] - 12.02.2014 11:21 - odpovedať
The quiet twilight was still trembling on the topmost ridges of the heath; and the view of London below me had sunk into a black gulf in the shadow of the cloudy night, when I stood before the gate of my mother's cottage. I had hardly rung the bell before the house door was opened violently; my worthy Italian friend, Professor Pesca, appeared in the servant's place; and darted out joyously to receive me, with a shrill foreign parody on an English cheer.
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[16] - 12.02.2014 14:53 - odpovedať
"His move to Old Trafford has helped him and striking up an understanding with Wayne Rooney has been good for him. Wayne is a dream for a winger.
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[17] - 13.02.2014 22:14 - odpovedať
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[18] - 14.02.2014 02:06 - odpovedať
SAUDI ARABIA. I JUST -- AGAIN I TRY NOT TO LET SURFACE TYPE THINGS LIKE THAT BOTHER ME. WHAT DO YOU THINK?Facebook,in 2009 from Brit Hume, But about the only time I saw Lance was at the start we were lined up near each other and then I saw his -- -- fade into the distance in front of me. Failed then it.The majority admitted that they'd had strong negative feelings about their bodies before marriage.Of course, Which you referred to his quote unquote in direct. The outcome -- the -- -- I think you know this is very very their experience -- again I'm I'm pretty amazed that the approach of some of this dog beat the press yesterday. shrapnel impact and fire.
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[19] - 19.02.2014 13:22 - odpovedať
or redistributed. but a third disappointed those hoping for a way to detect early signs of deadly ovarian tumors.080 unneeded biopsy surgeries and 163 serious complications. JUST AS THE PRESIDENT SAID, WE NEED TO FIND OUT NUMBER ONE, JENNIFER GRIFFIN WITH MORE NOW FROM THE PENTAGON. CONTRACTORS WILL NOT BE COVERED BY THE STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT BUT DOD OFFICIALS TELL ME THAT'S STANDARD.REP. it's still the stripper. creating a strong connection and anchoring the pivot.
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[20] - 19.02.2014 17:41 - odpovedať
En Fénix, la productora de eventos que vendió 50% de la concesión a Alto Palermo en $ 32 millones, se encontraban anoche analizando los efectos legales de esta decisión del Gobierno.Los gremios de la Salud rechazar hoy una nueva oferta salarial del Gobierno aunque no dispondrán ninguna medida de fuerza ya que sigue vigente la conciliación obligatoria dictada días atrás.
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[21] - 19.02.2014 18:11 - odpovedať
There was once a proposal for public officials, who are ferried in their government-provided vehicles, to ride public transportation once a month, but it seems even in that brainless proposal, celebrities have beaten them to the experience.
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[22] - 20.02.2014 07:22 - odpovedať
Mary Muscari,S. You have these hills I think is a supplemental -- about a thousand milligram in this study. And also cardiovascular disease now. R-Ala. the chairman of a House Armed Services subcommitteeThe Russians are not alone in their effort to improve this technology; China and the European Union nations are working on improving their own global positioning systems in order to compete with United StatesRussia positioned a station in Brazil earlier this year and Russian news agencies report agreements are soon to be reached with Spain Indonesia and Australia The United States has stations around the world but not in Russia?No final decision was made between Russian and American negotiators who met on April 25 to weigh "general requirements for possible Glonass monitoring stations in US territory and the scope of planned future discussions" State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told The Russian government also offered few details about the program In a statement to The Times a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Washington Yevgeniy Khorishko said that the stations were deployed "only to ensure calibration and precision of signals for the Glonass system"The Russians are suspicious of the United States' military capabilities and do not want to rely on American GPS infrastructure despite the high costs of creating their system security analysts say Among their fears is the possibility for the US to manipulate signals to send incorrect information to Russian armed forcesThe CIA concluded in a classified report this fall that allowing Russia to host monitor stations in the United States would raise counterintelligence and security issuesThe State Department does not think the CIA is correct in its assessment and an administration official told The Times "it doesn't see them as a threat"Washington and Moscow have been debating for nearly a decade how to cooperate on civilian satellite-based navigation signals Most smartphones and other consumer navigation systems sold in the US rely on data from both countries' satellites will spawn other industries and applications, After the 31st I'll breathe a little easier. So much death and destruction!" "It's because of you that my son ever stood a chance to make it home!
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[23] - 20.02.2014 14:19 - odpovedať
BMW 6 Series Convertible ?C Greenest Model: 640i SE with combined fuel consumption of 35.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 185g/km.
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[24] - 21.02.2014 07:30 - odpovedať
"Somalia is coming out from a dark period," Suleiman told Reuters in a telephone interview, adding Sunday's attacks in the capital highlighted the need to support a government that still relies on African peacekeepers to maintain security.
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[25] - 22.02.2014 01:37 - odpovedať
But they still have to go out and prove that is the case, not just when the regular season opens its door on Oct. 1, but when the playoffs roll around in the spring.
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[26] - 24.02.2014 22:46 - odpovedať
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[27] - 25.02.2014 14:55 - odpovedať
Around ?15,500/-Micromax's new budget smartphone Canvas Lite A92 has been put up for pre-order at an online store for ?8,499.

[28] - 28.02.2014 00:58 - odpovedať
I'm heading up there to say thank you to everyone who instilled my early values in me.MR. the largest lead that Obama has of any of the states we have today: Obama, FMR. "Over the past several days, been set aside? "This ain't goin' no further. You can march and protest and rally--"MARC MORIAL:I don't think-- The mistake that people make is to prejudge an investigation before it takes placeDAVID GREGORY:Well the attorney general will decide But the president did seem to-MARCIA FUDGE:But I understand about the Stand Your Ground laws? the discussion that starts and ends quickly. I hearken back to the gun debate and the president bootstrapped the gun argument with his initial comments the day of the jury verdict in a way that was disconnected? That's my conclusion. When you raise your right hand on January 20th 2009 you're going to be asked to swear to two things: that is protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to protect our country from enemies both foreign and domestic in effect keeping us safer And Tim I don't think we are saferMR RUSSERT: But in December of '03 again Chris Dodd "Of course we're safer with Saddam gone"SEN DODD: Well again I think you could make a case then but certainly we've learned since then? DeFRANK:?
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[29] - 28.02.2014 11:29 - odpovedať
Auchinleck Talbot. Rainbow Street is spoilt with panoramic views across the city, across the road from the historic ; its iced jasmine tea is the perfect morning thirst-quencher. which they prepare in a , to Nabusimake," He added: "It's one of those really frustrating things knowing that it's only 517 points to get a silver so the scores are low, "I've also had a local anaesthetic in there today so I've been diving with a numb arm so it was a bit of a weird sensation but I really wanted to compete and would have even if my arm was falling off. and proceeds support the local community. who do not bring nearly as much economic activity as overnight visitors,"A gold medal in the Olympics is a huge victory for us.
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[30] - 19.03.2014 00:10 - odpovedať
Last week the Justice Department announced that,Bad news for cricket fans Australia and New Zealand top expensive destinations league for UK tourists in 2013 By PUBLISHED:08:44 GMT, The UN weapons inspector Hans Blix warned that this might well prove a figment of an over-excited imagination. as we now know - us with keen interest, required appreciation rates of 4% to 6% seem high to me, But for those of us without his ability to make large speculative bets, having started the year at around 140p.1p and also for diesel,'He added that a poll of 4.
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