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Vae nzory k lnku Vyhodnotenie rozpotu za r. 2007

prspevky s zoraden od najstarch (zmeni)

[1] oGnNsSsygZHFgKFdgIA - 26.05.2011 11:22 - odpoveda
Superior thinking dmeonsrtated above. Thanks!

[2] KjrmREpnpnGBcJFV - 07.07.2011 08:06 - odpoveda
BION I'm ipmresesd! Cool post!

[3] xRbVrnOLxAIoMmabZVJ - 07.07.2011 12:34 - odpoveda
Do you have more great atrlices like this one?

[4] JsthDPyBrYPaIBsetL - 09.07.2011 15:25 - odpoveda
That's the best awsenr of all time! JMHO

[5] xwEaNrZJkomOCwu - 10.07.2011 17:57 - odpoveda
With the bases loaded you struck us out with that ansewr!

[6] OJvxkUWjaMstOJRe - 10.07.2011 19:03 - odpoveda
That's way more clever than I was expeictng. Thanks!

[7] KpMGMdpuAumoWl - 29.08.2012 18:58 - odpoveda
Dominik hovored:Peknfd čle1nok, Mirek. Konečne rozumiem tomu, čo me1š na mysli.Obe1vam sa ale, že ecniteixsu paralelnfdch vesmedrov nemožno ani ne1hodou akceptovať ako praktickfa alebo fyzickfa istotu neme1me žiadnu praktickfa ani fyzickfa evidenciu, čo by takfdto obraz sveta podporovala. Zatiaľ je to len metafyzicke1 konštrukcia.Z hľadiska skfasenosti so skutočnfdm svetom je pre mňa osobne oveľa prijateľnejšie akceptovať tvorive9 vedomie ako prvotnfd ze1klad sveta, aj preto, že kategf3rie vedomia sfa v ňom už automaticky obsiahnute9 a nevyžadujfa v podstate nepreklenuteľnfa preke1žku ich odvodenia z neživej hmoty, ktore1 tfato kvalitu neobsahuje. Navyše sa dostanfa na pevnfa pf4du ote1zky po vfdzname a zmysle veced, čo tiež korešponduje s našou skfasenosťou.[]Mirek Dočkal Reply:August 3rd, 2011 at 20:19ad Dominik: Ale je1 netvrdedm, že nějake9 paralelned vesmedry existujed. To je1 nevedm. Srovne1ve1m jen přijatelnost tvrzened jejich existence s přijatelnosted tvrzened existence striktně ontologickfdch možnosted.[]

[8] ilbnRmLegVrrnzHEj - 30.08.2012 05:10 - odpoveda
You've imprseesd us all with that posting!

[9] sUJekrfI - 30.08.2012 10:32 - odpoveda
Hi. i don't find a lot of official news for UI dgsien of LibreOffice development and i am glad i found this one. I would like to say this:Please don't use the Microsoft Ribbon alike as the answer to all the questions!a.) It takes too much vertical spaceb.) I just don't believe FOSS these days has to constraint it self so much. There are a lot of different opinions about GnomeShell and Unity but in the end of the day:1.) They are not direct copies of something that was here before them.2.) I can use Unity without problems and with few extensions GnomeShell too.What i am trying to say is FOSS community took the lead in dgsien area and that is not something i was used to in the past. I would like to see this in LibreOffice development too. I know it is not fair to say this but i think 99% of OpenOffice users expected that after LibreOffice was created there will be new UI soon. There were some cleanups but i think the rate/pace is too slow and could be faster with the same amount of resources available.I think the interface should be developed in direction:1.) Clean, minimalistic, useful and intuitive.2.) Interaction should be done without need for menus and options hidden somewhere below .3.) Dynamic toolbars loading should behave just perfect out-of-the-box not like now when they jump everywhere on the screen and it is very confusing. the intent is cool, but the execution is very poor!4.) In Writer usage of styles should become mandatory in a way there would always be shown somewhere (sidebar area) on the screen and should (dynamically like the toolbars) attract the user to use them.5.) There should be sidebar mode out-of-the-box that could probably solve all the thing i mentioned above.6.) If toolbars like we know it now would be left intact users that need to customize UI interaction could still to that or if the sidebar could be moved and user could customize it:7.) Sidebar could have option to be movable and to create Microsoft Ribbon alike when docked at the top of the screen. This could solve the problem of horizontal space in for example Calc, where i do imagine horizontal space is sometimes more important than vertical space. This are just my toughs and i hope there will be more vigorous attempts to improve LibreOffice UI. P.S. I don't think Citrus UI as seen on pictures posted in OMGUbuntu article sets the bar high enough!

[10] ykXyMSSNfXcLdc - 01.09.2012 07:02 - odpoveda
You mean I don't have to pay for expert advice like this amnyore?!

[11] OckjMtYESkrqw - 01.09.2012 07:58 - odpoveda
קודם כל, תודה על הסיקור, מעולה. במיוחד אהבתי את המשפט על נטילת הסיכונים של קנוניקל, ההבדלים הגדולים בין הגרסאות יכולים אולי להרתיע משתמשים רגילים מלשדרג, אבל לשם כך הם מאפשרים להמשיך להשתמש בממשק הקודם, מצד שני הם יכולים להוביל את תחום עיצוב ממשקי המשתמש במערכות הפעלה.כמו כן, בעקבות השיפור המשמעותי בממשק המשתמש התאפשר לי סוף סוף להעביר את שני המחשבים בבית לאובונטו מבלי להרתיע את זוגתי מקווה שאוכל לעשות זאת בקרוב בשביל ההורים.בנושא אחר, ריטול התגובות. קיים אלמנט div עם מחלקה comment-text ומתחתיו אלמנט div עם כיווניות של שמאל לימין בתוך הקוד (לא בגיליון העיצוב), תוכל לשנות את זה בתוך ערכת העיצוב.

[12] fStnEerNxd - 21.12.2014 21:09 - odpoveda
a pre-compiled binary that you can inltasl. In Ubuntu, you can easily do this by visiting the Software Centera0and searching for wine.' If you prefer to inltasl packages from the command line, use

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