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Vaše názory k článku Výsledky volieb do VUC za Mesto Ilava 28.11.2009

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[1] wQWCkJmbptVkoa - 29.09.2011 22:23 - odpovedať
Stay with this guys, you're hlpineg a lot of people.

[2] fdsEMLtJwJF - 12.05.2012 11:59 - odpovedať
We need more inishtgs like this in this thread.

[3] sTOpKaoQZoW - 12.05.2012 20:42 - odpovedať
It's good to see somonee thinking it through.

[4] NfGHpQTiQSf - 14.05.2012 06:11 - odpovedať
There are no words to describe how bodaiuocs this is.

[5] TGiuN74CDrB - 20.12.2014 16:03 - odpovedať
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[6] YI6XC7GdaK - 20.12.2014 17:27 - odpovedať
hovored:You lost me, buddy. I mean, I imagine I get what youre sttniag. I understand what you're saying, but you just seem to have overlooked that you will find some other folks inside the world who view this matter for what it definitely is and may well not agree with you. You might be turning away alot of men and women who may have been followers of your web site.

[7] Ug5inriREk - 20.12.2014 18:04 - odpovedať
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