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Vaše názory k článku Zápisnica o pozastavení výkonu uznesenia bodu C8 a F4 Uznesenia č.2/2012

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[5] - 08.12.2012 19:09 - odpovedať
Will be previous once both equally neighbor seems brand-new areas such as hook superiority since the extra.

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Zápisnica o pozastavení výkonu uznesenia bodu C8 a F4 Uznesenia č.2/2012 | | Informačný server mesta
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[7] VgKGQlHI - 21.12.2014 13:19 - odpovedať
Does the DRDO have the permission from the certanl Govt. to find other buyers for the Arjun? Sure, the Indian army does not want it, but they could be exported to friendly countries across the globe (especially in Africa and South America) like we will be exporting the Brahmos and the Dhruv.Since the Arjun compares favorably with the best in the world in terms of capabilities and price, hard-selling the Arjun somewhere to recover the costs would be the thing to do! A completely wild thought - What if Pak/Bangladesh/Afghanistan purchases the tank from us? Actually, we can supply the Arjun to the Afghans. The Hamid Karzai govt. is a friend, right!

[8] aJsCg9wa - 21.12.2014 14:36 - odpovedať
Mr. Aroor, unfortunately India has sneigd an agreement to purchase the 5th generation fighter plane from Russia, i.e. PAK-FA. I may like to know whether it would be too much for the asking, if you were to be requested to run a series on HT about the MCA to bring this little-known project to the public's attention.Mr. Aroor, your report on the Arjun tank in one instance, not only neutralized the large mound of media criticism that was heaped on it over the last 5 years (especially by ToI), it also created a very very positive impact on the minds about it. The element of awe and the insides of India's MIC renewed the faith on not only Arjun, but also our indigneous capability. That report was unsurpassed in quality and insight.In the same way, were you to make a Discovery-channel style half-hour report on India's futuristic MCA project, it would not only regenerate or revive interest amongst people of the nation's technological progress, obvious questions can be raised about India's PURCHASE of the PAK-FA plane from Russia.Thank you.

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