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Yesterday,Today And Tomorrow of The Town of Ilava

There is no doubt that town of Ilava situated in Ilavas hollow basin has always been the heart of the region. The existence of settlement proves a writing record in data register of Papal tax-gatherer from the years 1332 to 1337. Ilava was, and still is a crossroads of important business routes. Ilava was given several royal privileges between 1339 and 1712. In 15-th century Ilava counted from 400 to 500 inhabitants. Todays population is about 5 400.

The dominant part of the town is the former castle of Ilava and the former monastery church of the Trinitar order. There, in the middle of the town, is a bell-tower. Ilava was the town of tradesmen, businessmen and beer-makers. Something survived something has changed. Suburban parts Iliavka and Klobušice were integrated into the city in 1969. At the time being Ilava is a modern industrial city where many investors have situated their companies. Industrial park has been developing together with small and medium companies established by Ilavas citizens. Good economical environment also creates good conditions for trade, culture , sport and tourism . Quality restaurants and hotels are the matters of course.

Prides of the city are the mixed singing group Ilavan and folkloric dance group Strazov. Singing group Ilavan has more than 100 years tradition. Folkloric dance group Strazov was established in the year 1992. Children under 6 are the members of folkloric group Lastek. Two theatrical groups Mala Muza and the theatre Pod Vezou have more than 80 years history. There is a popular music group Rafaroza. The town has its first ballad-monger, guitarist composer and singer Mr. Lubomir Turcer. Cultural life is coordinated by House of Culture. The House of Culture organizes balls, Musical Spring of Ilava, Bartolomej fairs, Fairytale Wood Tours for children. There are lots of opportunities for children to participate at various corners. City library is legendary. Town Ilava has its own monthly called Ilavsky mesacnik.

City Ilava is also an outstanding sport centre. There are football teams counting more than 200 members. City football club (MFK Ilava) and mini-football club ( MLMF Ilava) are the most popular ones. They represent the city in the whole Slovakia. TJ Sokol Ilava is the strongest sports organization . More than 400 people are involved in karate, water tourism, hiking, volleyball, tennis, table tennis or fitness. Ilava is the exit to the nearest mountains with tourist paths to Vapec (956 m above sea level), Strazov (1216 m above sea level). There are beautiful views from the Hills of Strazov as well as from the hills of Vrsatec with a ruin of the castle in Biele Karpaty. Vrsatec has been changing into attractive tourist centre with accommodation facilities and good restaurants. It is possible to travel to the centres of winter sports Homolka, Zliechov and Cicmany.

City Ilava as a district town has natural potential of development in the fields of trade, culture, sport, education, industry and demography. City has been preparing a new general city plan. After rising of economic potential caused by entering of new investors into city area there is a great interest of people from surrounding cities and villages to live in this city. The intention is to build about 200 flats. New general city plan takes in consideration a possibility to create new areas for detached family houses. All this must be supported by amenities and by a development of trade network. Intention of contemporary city leaders is to continue this universal development of the city in favour of its present and future inhabitants.

Ing. Lubomir Turcer
Principal of The City of Ilava