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Porubský potok

Dátum: 18.05.2010 Autor: Miro Toman

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Porubský potok

Hladina potoka v normále.


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[1] novozilov pepa - 12.09.2010 17:43
kde to je focené,naše bytovka na Skale stojí také kousek od porubského potoku,nebo se pletu?

[2] mirto - 22.10.2010 08:10
Toto je dole na Sihoti. Na pozadí je železničný most.

[3] x7HvDSghyO - 21.12.2014 18:05
Okay, anonymous, I'll deefiitnly concede that there are probably a whack job FEW who wish the president ill...just like there were a whack job FEW who wished our last president ill. HOWEVER, I am tired of people accusing me of being a racist just because I disagree with this presidents policies! And, I am also tired of the many others just like me that are being painted that way. We are simply concerned citizens. I don't like his POLICIES, I think they are undermining our republic. I don't care if the president is white, brown, black, yellow, purple, chartreuse, whatever!! And I find it insulting that you act as though I don't have any concern for his safety. I hope that he is heavily guarded (just like I would wish for ANY U.S. president) and that ANY threat against him is fully punished. And as Mary was pointing out (I think anyway, I don't presume to speak for her) we find it a little disingenuous the "outrage" that the media shows about threats against our current president, when the threats against our last president were also many and ugly. But it didn't seem to make near the news that it does now. Was his safety of less concern?And, on a final note, before I am labeled a "republican shill" or a "mob member" sent out by the republican party...let me make it clear that I am simply an independent conservative. I am not beholden to ANY party. However, I am sure that I already know of the brush I have been painted with.

[4] - 31.01.2015 09:04
J'adore les sacs de Lancel parce que leurs mod?les sont ind?modables et peuvent se porter avec presque tout. 2. Avis r?dig? par riboux pascale

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